Advertising with WLCT 102.1 FM & WEEN 1460 AM

       As family-owned business, WLCT has been broadcasting news, music, and events for over half a century. Macon county residents and many others within our wide range tune in for national and local news, live talk shows, and sports.

       We are active in the community, promoting and sponsoring fundraisers for local organizations. WLCT broadcasts live from many events. WLCT has been a part of Macon County life for generations.




Why Advertise?


  • Advertising creates store traffic.

  • Advertising attracts new customers.

  • Advertising boosts and maintains morale.

  • Advertising is an investment in success.

  • Advertising encourages repeat business.

  • Advertising generates continuous business.

  • Advertising keeps your business top-of-mind.

  • Advertising keeps you in the competitive race.

  • Advertising gives your business a successful image.

  • Businesses that succeed are usually strong, steady advertisers.



Why Radio?


  • Radio's mobility allow you to establish a special relationship with consumers.

  • Radio can reach the on-the-go consumer.

  • Radio is one of the few advertising vehicles that helps you build and image.

  • Radio allows you to talk one-to-one with your potential customer.

  • Radio can help create vivid first and last mental images and impressions.

  • Radio is able to build long term memory, or top of mind awareness and echoic retention.

  • Radio is a part of 97.7% of adults' days; they listen while at home, at work, and in their cars.

  • Radio is able to put your business front and center - in an exclusive spotlight.


If you’re in business and you want to reach the entire population in and around Macon County in one fell swoop, then look no further. WLCT & WEEN Radio is the only marketing tool in the county which broadcasts into most every home. Forget trying to place single ads in various newspapers (there are about ten newspapers in Macon County!), as the cost will be exorbitant and instead make one quick phone call to WLCT Fm and we will get your advertising message delivered into every home in the county – for a fraction of the cost. Radio is the way to go – but we would say that wouldn’t we! All businesses nationwide are saying it as they switch away from TV, Print and outdoor – RADIO really is the way to go.


Advertising on

        Our web site may be young but we are getting more an more hits every day, so ask about advertising on, we still have a few opening, and can also link them back to your site. Our web site is also a great way to advertise out of town, if you have a potential out of town market such as with real estate, or used car lot, or just able to ship your product, and with more and more people moving in to our area, and with a lot of them using the internet to find what they are looking for, it is a very good and cost-efficient way to advertise with us. 

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Call and talk to Linda McDonald (615) 666-2169 or e-mail us at advertising with WLCT & WEEN radio   I am sure she can put a great ad package together for you.

Why WLCT & WEEN Radio?

  • Reach a large,  loyal, and responsive consumer group on a personal basis.

  • Reach people in your geographical trade area with Macon County's exclusive local radio stations.

  • Deliver your message to over 50,000 listeners - your potential new customers.

  • Tell your story to a group of listeners who actually pay close attention to the commercial messages on WLCT. They perceive them not as intrusions, but as welcomed information.

  • Tap into the special relationship WLCT & WEEN Radio has established within the community due to its high visibility and strong commitment to the community.

  • We at WLCT & WEEN Radio understand the needs of running a business in and around Macon County

Use the cost-efficient marketing power of WLCT & WEEN Radio to connect your business to the greatest number of people



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